The sensational Victor Borge

Take front seats at Borge's Birthday Gala

If you already know the outrageous deadpan humour of Victor Borge, this 78 minute live performance is a must. And if you don't, it's a great place to start! A superb pianist as well as a brilliant comedian, Borge interlaces the scetches with hilarious musical interludes. You'll cry with laughter at what happens when he meets Mozart in heaven, and be in stitches at his legendary versions on Gershwin songs. The Gala ends up with the maestro leading a complete symphony in selections from Carmen — not altogether seriously, we must add!!

Phonetic Punctuation, Salieri Opera, Inflationary Language, Danish Lullaby, Sahan Arzruni with the '2nd Rhapsody' by Fliszt.

Victor Borge's Guests are the Canadian Brass, Robert Merrill, Stephanie Conte & Marylyn Mulvey, The Alexandria Harmonizers, The Paul Hill Chorale & The Wolf Trap Orchestra.

Hosted by: Anna Moffo & Martin Bockspan.

Borge is the idol of all continents remotely civilized." — New York Times